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For Whom is This Presentation?

What Will You Learn in the Presentation?

Our Unique Methodology:

Discover how our creative and interactive teaching methods, including games, songs, and crafts, make learning Luxembourgish fun and engaging for children.

Class Offerings:

Learn about our various online classes, including small group sessions and one-on-one tutoring, designed to provide immersive language experiences.

Meet Our Tutors:

Get to know our native Luxembourgish-speaking tutors who are trained to captivate young minds and ensure effective learning.

The Babbelschoul Story:

Learn about the journey and mission of Babbelschoul, founded to make Luxembourgish learning inspiring and enjoyable for kids.

About the founder:

Anne’s love for the Luxembourgish language began in 2012 when she began telling stories to children in libraries, capturing their imaginations.

This experience sparked her passion for teaching and led to the creation of Luxembourgish with Anne, where she developed a successful method for teaching adults.

Building on this success, Anne launched “Babbelschoul” bringing her unique teaching style to children and continuing to spread her passion for the Luxembourgish language.

At “Babbelschoul” Anne’s goal is to make learning Luxembourgish fun and inspiring for kids, showing them that language is not just about words, but about connecting with others and sharing stories.


The presentation lasts approximately 15 minutes, providing a comprehensive overview of our programs and teaching methods.

After you sign up, you will receive an email to confirm your registration. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive another email with a link to the presentation. You can watch the presentation immediately. In this 15-minute session, you will learn about the Babbelschoul concept and how it can benefit your child’s Luxembourgish learning journey.

Babbelschoul is designed for children aged 3 to 8 years old. Our programs cater to preschoolers and young children, providing age-appropriate activities and learning methods to make learning Luxembourgish fun and effective.

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