Online Luxembourgish Classes for Kids
Engaging & Interactive Learning

Discover the joy of learning with Babbelschoul's transformative online Luxembourgish classes designed for children!

Led by Anne and her team, these interactive Zoom classes bring the excitement of learning Luxembourgish right into your home. Tailored for preschoolers aged 3-5 years and also for children aged 6-8, our sessions offer a blend of fun, engagement, and educational value. Your child will join a lively community of learners, participating in activities that stimulate their love for the Luxembourgish language. Experience a new way of learning that’s both comfortable and captivating, all while ensuring your preschooler gets a head start in Luxembourgish.

Interactive Zoom Classes:
Luxembourgish for Preschoolers with Creative Activities

Engaging Online Luxembourgish Learning

Creative Introduction to Language:
Dive into the world of Luxembourgish with your child through inspiring activities. Our method incorporates a variety of interactive tools, including games, songs, physical activities, and craftwork, making the learning process both fun and motivating.

Small Group Classes for Personalized Attention

Focused Learning Environment:
Our online classes host a maximum of 8 children, ensuring personalized attention. Conducted on Zoom with native Luxembourgish tutors, we guarantee an immersive learning experience.

Expertly Trained Tutors

Captivating Instruction:
Our tutors are not only native speakers but also receive extensive training to engage young minds effectively. They specialize in holding your child's attention with a 30-minute class designed to be as educational as it is entertaining.

Stimulating & Thematic Learning

Ignite a Passion for Learning:
We expose your child to stimulating activities that spark their interest in Luxembourgish. Each class introduces beginner vocabulary across various themes—numbers, clothes, colors, weather, and basic verbs—to build a solid foundation in the language.

Who Can Benefit from Babbelschoul's
Luxembourgish Classes?

For Families in Luxembourg

Our classes are designed for families living in Luxembourg who envision their children confidently navigating the Luxembourgish public school system.

For Child Care Taker

Are you the manager of a Kindergarten? And your wish is that your staff learn and practice Luxembourgish together with the toddlers and young children so as to communicate easily and enhance integration into Luxembourgish day life.

For Seamless Integration

Parents looking to ensure their child can easily mingle with peers during school hours or in leisure activities will find our classes beneficial. We aim for full integration into Luxembourgish daily life, fostering an environment where your child feels belonging and confidence.


Vincent's enthusiastic approach to teaching Luxembourgish makes every lesson a fun and interactive experience. With a background in early childhood education, he specializes in creating a supportive and dynamic learning environment where every child can thrive.


Julie's warm and friendly approach makes learning Luxembourgish a delightful experience for every child. Her classes are filled with fun activities and interactive lessons, making children feel comfortable and excited to learn from the very first moment.


With a passion for language and a knack for engaging young learners, Peggy brings the Luxembourgish culture and language to life in each class. Her creative teaching methods ensure that every child feels included, motivated, and excited about learning.

Discover the Experts Behind Our Luxembourgish Lessons

Meet Our Native Tutors

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The Creator of Babbelschoul:

Anne’s love for the Luxembourgish language began in 2012 when she began telling stories to children in libraries, capturing their imaginations.

This experience sparked her passion for teaching and led to the creation of “Luxembourgish with Anne“, where she developed a successful method for teaching adults.

Building on this success, Anne launched “Babbelschoul” bringing her unique teaching style to children and continuing to spread her passion for the Luxembourgish language.

At “Babbelschoul” Anne’s goal is to make learning Luxembourgish fun and inspiring for kids, showing them that language is not just about words, but about connecting with others and sharing stories.


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Meet Mila, our Mascot

Mila, the little caterpillar, is not just a charming mascot visible on our logo; she’s also a constant companion for the children throughout their learning journey with Babbelschoul. With Mila’s guidance, children learn about colors, numbers, body parts, and much more, making each lesson an adventure. Her presence adds a layer of warmth and familiarity to the learning environment, encouraging children to engage more deeply and joyfully with the Luxembourgish language and culture.

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