Crèche Program: Learn Luxembourgish Together

Are you the manager of a crèche in Luxembourg and wish for your childcare staff to learn and practice Luxembourgish alongside the toddlers and young children aged 3-8 years? Our program is designed to enhance communication and integration into Luxembourgish everyday life—all from the comfort of your own facility.

We are thrilled to offer you a free consultation call with a member of our team to discuss setting up a tailor-made program that meets your specific needs. During this call, we will go over the details and possibilities to ensure a seamless integration of Luxembourgish learning into your daily activities.

Who Is This For?

Crèche Managers:
Looking to enhance the language skills of your staff and the children under your care.

Childcare Professionals:
Those working with young children who want to improve their Luxembourgish to better communicate and integrate into the community.

Why Choose Our Program?

Ready to Get Started?

We are excited to offer a free consultation call for crèche and kindergarten managers to discuss the unique possibilities of integrating Luxembourgish learning into your facility. During this call, we will explore tailor-made programs designed specifically for your needs, ensuring seamless integration and effective learning for both children and staff. Please note that this consultation is exclusively for crèche and kindergarten professionals and is not intended for private individuals.

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